July 24, 2021

5 Quick & Easy Meals to Grab On-The-Go

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If you are wondering what to do when you want a quick and easy meal on the go, you have come to the right place. We love creating innovative recipes that you can grab while returning home from work. Our recipes make for tasty and convenient meals when you’re in a pinch. #1 Try any of our Biryani flavors, ranging from Vegetarian, Egg, Chicken, Seraga Samba Mutton, Chicken 65, Nattukoli, Fish, Prawn, lamb, and plain
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South Indian food comprises all the six states of Southern India including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Puducherry. The only thing similar about the cuisines of these six states is rice. It is a staple in most meals. The uniqueness of each South Indian style of cooking differs according to the state. Telugu style of cooking: Telugu food is mostly spicy and tangy. Their hot dishes are the main attraction for tourists.
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It’s impossible to imagine those hot idlis and crispy dosas or vadas without a bowl of sambar if you like South Indian food. Just this savoury stew comes with loads of health benefits. Sambar is a famous Indian stew prepared with pulses and vegetables and hence it makes it one of the healthiest dishes to try if you are health conscious. It is not just an assortment of different flavors but healthy bites from some

January 31, 2021

Why is South Indian Food healthy? Let’s find out..

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South Indian food is famous almost across the globe for its simplicity and health benefits. But have you ever wondered what is so special about it and why is it so popular? Breakfast The South Indian food is well known for its Idlis & Sambar for breakfast which is made from steamed rice and boiled lentils with vegetables. What could be healthier than that to kick-start your day? You can also choose Uttappam or Dosas
Hey, are you planning on having a Christmas party at home? But wondering how to do it in a budget especially now when the incomes are less, and you don’t want to derail all your money for the festivities – it might feel darn impossible to do so. But we got news for you! Now there is no need to unnecessarily spend on entertainment! Here are the top budget-friendly tips to host a Christmas party on