What are the top 3 styles of South Indian cooking?

What are the top 3 styles of South Indian cooking?

South Indian food comprises all the six states of Southern India including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Puducherry. The only thing similar about the cuisines of these six states is rice. It is a staple in most meals. The uniqueness of each South Indian style of cooking differs according to the state.

Telugu style of cooking:

  • Telugu food is mostly spicy and tangy. Their hot dishes are the main attraction for tourists.
  • Telugu food has the style of both Hindu and Muslim ways of cooking. Vegetarian food is mostly made but Hyderabad is known for its non-veg. cuisines.
  • They have unique ways of making 49 types of biryanis which is made by the influence of both Telugu and Marathi cuisines.

Malayali style of cooking:

  • Malayali food is mostly inspired by Muslim and Christian culture.
  • They are known for their use of coconut oil or milk on their most-used side dish which is seafood. The aroma of the food is extremely tempting.
  • The Syrian Christians and Malabar Muslims are the main influence for their food recipes but their lip-smacking non-veg. taste differs from district to district.
  • The typical Kerala style of making masala dosa with rice batter and stuffed veggies are served with hot sambar and chutney.

Tamil style of cooking:

  • Tamil food is known for its traditional cuisines which include both veg. and non-veg. dishes, spicy and non-spicy.
  • They also prepare exquisite and tasty lightweight food for breakfast and snacks.
  • Their most famous Chettinad cuisine is curated with exotic spices. Their way of making these spices with essential ingredients is now world-famous. The use of sun-dried seafood with their freshly ground spices is surely mouth-watering.