Why is South Indian Food healthy? Let’s find out..

Why is South Indian Food healthy? Let’s find out..

South Indian food is famous almost across the globe for its simplicity and health benefits. But have you ever wondered what is so special about it and why is it so popular?


The South Indian food is well known for its Idlis & Sambar for breakfast which is made from steamed rice and boiled lentils with vegetables. What could be healthier than that to kick-start your day?

You can also choose Uttappam or Dosas which have mild oil if you like a bit of different taste. Still, it is healthier than the Parothas from the other parts of India as it has less cream and butter. Vegetarian South Indian food is well known for its home-like cooking.


When it comes to lunch or dinner, it starts with a bowl of Rassam (a bit spicy and sour soup) or Sambar. These are both like a soup you can drink up if you don’t finish it with the rice and steamed vegetables which are both easy to digest.

Unlike oil-based vegetables and curries, the side dishes in South Indian cooking are made with the least amount of oil.

Also, you will notice not many spices are used in this style of cooking, and even if they are, it would be only for a bit of flavor.

A South Indian meal is incomplete without yogurt in some form or the other whether it is pure yogurt or buttermilk.

The meal itself is served on a banana leaf which has its health benefits.

So, all in all, when you choose a meal in a South Indian restaurant, you will not only be having food that is healthier but fresh as well. The authenticity of South Indian food is never to worry about when you want to order with us at Anjappar Seattle.