Top 4 Tips to plan your Thanksgiving event well

Top 4 Tips to plan your Thanksgiving event well

It is that time of the year when everyone gets in the happy mood to get together and welcome the winters with the Christmas next month!

Whether you are planning a Thanksgiving this month with your family, friends or colleagues, and ready to deck up your place, we’ve created a simple and handy guide to you help you get ready for this big day and avoid running around like a chicken without its head in the end!

Here are some of the great tips and information on how to select the best bird and plan on the menu for Thanksgiving much in advance so you can show your guests your culinary skills and party planning style on this Turkey Day.

  1. Picking the right Turkey or Chicken

It is best that you order your turkey or chicken a week in advance by checking out the stores whether online or visiting your favorite ones so that you don’t have to drive around in the end throughout the city trying to find the one that you like the most!

  1. Don’t forget to plan your menu in advance!

Brainstorm on the menu and come up with new recipes, list of at least 2 to 3 appetizers along with 3 or 4 sides and 1 or 2 main dishes which should include chicken or turkey. Also ensure that you have at least 2 or 3 desserts for the sweet tooths and to give it a final closure.

Choose to prepare the dishes that are easy to make in your kitchen and in the oven size you already have. Do not overdo your list so that you end up in a cluttered kitchen that looks like a mess and difficult to work with on the day of the event.

  1. Have you got your drinks organized?

Remember that all your guests may not be hard drinkers. So, even if you have planned the wines, whiskeys, vodkas, champaigns, do ensure you have some soft drinks for non-alcohol drinkers. Also ensure you have separate set of glasses for drinks and water so that there is no need to clean them up for the meal.

  1. Ensure you have enough cutlery

It is best to prepare your guest list at least a week in advance so you can get your cutlery out, wash them and get them cleaned up as well as dried for the event. Also ensure there are enough spoons, folks, and knives for each guest. It is always better to keep a few extras in case an unplanned guest walks-in.

It has a nice consistency due to the milk and cashew, making it a bit creamy as well with a subtle and gentle flavor. If you are not in for a very spicy meal, then you are sure to enjoy this dish with roti or naan.